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Rotary automatic Wet and Dry Label Labeling machine
The Position Equipment for labeling

Time Line
From a small workshop to a world-class machining company, then we focus on automation, pharmaceutical equipments. We do a lot of effort.
The following four time lines are telling you how we develop.
Hands workshop became to the top 500 global suppliers(1985-1994)
Change of an age (1988-2000)
Be a global supplier (1995-2004)
Business is divided into three sections: mechanical processing, automation, pharmaceutical equipment.(2009-Future)
1985, the private machinery industry also failed to appear in China, because the machinery industry were controlled by the government. In the wave of reform, a small workshop in the hands of a small village in Guangzhou was born, called metal rubber factory.
1988, the overwhelming wave of economic reform, swept through mainland China. This small workshop got real development. It has became a real machining factory.
1994, We provided machining to Guangzhou Light Industry Machinery . It was indirectly provided services to Brunswick bowling equipment . We got praise from Brunswick.
1995, we have more and more mechanical production equipments. At this point, it is given a new name: Guangzhou Li Gong Industry Co.,Ltd.
2000, we established the HK Glory machinery . With Hong Kong's service platform, developed to better absorption of foreign advanced technology and management methods.
2003, we won the competition in more than ten competitors from emerging as a fixture of the ABB POWERTRAIN suppliers. ABB is also the most important customer in the top 500 customers. Later the we develop different industries. Insist one customer in one industry.
2008, HK Glory Machinery renamed to HK Li Gong Industry, where workers belonging to the Guangzhou Li Gong Industry Co., Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary. The same year we received Guangzhou support enterprise development one million RMB of special funds.
May 2009 ,university professors visited us and encouraged we develop to the direction of higher technology, higher automation industry.
Today, we are still persistent in innovation and development. In the 20 years of experience in precision machining, we started based automation equipment industry and pharmaceutical industry to the next 20 years inside a remarkable new history.
Li Gong Culture
·Mutual respect
Our working relationship built on mutual trust and respect based on; in order to succeed, we have unity and cooperation among different areas and believe that the personal value of each employee. We are open and honest exchange of each other, and our team spirit be extended to partners, customers and our life and work of society.

We are committed to customer service, and understanding, insight into the needs of customers ahead of the industry. We are continuing to provide customer needs in line with or higher than the high-quality, innovative, valuable products and services with customers to build long-term relations of cooperation.

·In good faith to the letter
Our business activities in all honesty Youde, to keep its promise and frankly wrong. We are well aware of: the acts of individuals to affect the reputation of the company, we wish to make the company's name is always worthy of trust.

·The pursuit of excellence
We strive for perfection, and constantly to develop higher quality standards, co-ordinated effort to continue to improve. We promote innovation, encourage vigorous corporate culture, and our ideas and work processes, products and services is full of new ideas in order to achieve excellent performance.

·Force success
The success of our company for any, value the company of all resources entrusted to us. In the adherence to those values, we will profit as the purpose: to explore and update solutions to the problem in order to provide better service to customers, create opportunities for each other and return to shareholders in the investment trust given to us.
?Our Philosophy
Advanced technology and perfect service is our only way to consolidate market position. Technology development and innovation is a prerequisite for successful product. Our primary goal is to continue the development of workers in advanced manufacturing technology, unparalleled quality and quality, to provide customers with a full range of services.

?We honor and achievements
ABB supplier of the world's core
BRUNSWICK core suppliers in Asia
NC competition of Guangzhou in 2008 the first group of workers
Guangzhou Municipal Government in 2008 funds to support the development of private enterprises.

?Our goal
Continuously improve the user's products and services in the Li Gong satisfaction and rely on the degree of reliability.
The establishment of a united, with a high degree of professionalism and dedication and a strong sense of social responsibility with staff.
Sustained and stable development.
        Five Advantages
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