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Rotary automatic Wet and Dry Label Labeling machine
Rotary automatic Wet and Dry Label Labeling machine
The Position Equipment for labeling

Dong Wei Labeling Machine
      In 2011, Guangzhou Li Gong industrial co. , ltd officially acquired Guangzhou Shijing Dong Wei Machinery Factory ,which was founded in 1992. It is a private joint-stock science and technology enterprise integrating production, installation, service and trade with a history of more than two decades, it boasts its glory of advanced enterprise about "the contract and trustworthy," "harmonious labor relations" in the region.
      The Company produces its leading products for all types of bottle labeling machines and other food packaging machines, covering beer, liquor, grape wine, yellow wine, beverage, pharmaceutical, condiments and other industries, its market covers all over the country. Labeling machines produced by the company are well-used for stickers, wet glue, and hot melt adhesive stickers. Its maximum production capacity reaches 48,000 bottles / hour, the numbers of standard labeling is four (body, neck, back, top mark); its labeling method can achieve free-style, bottom, sidewall and shape- positioning. Its products have been greatly welcomed and praised by the users; it is a well-known one among bottle leading labeling machine companies.
      The enterprise has long been committed to the high-precision machining research and development, it continues to increase investment, urge reform; it possesses the advanced processing center of three-, four-, and five-axis machines and CNC coordinate measuring equipments, the CNC rate of processing equipments achieves 70 %, which lays good foundation ??to ensure the production of high-speed machines and top quality assurance. At the same time, the company supplies high-precision machining products and production lines to the world's top 500 enterprises. Recently, in order to meet the requirements of the users to update its labeling products, the company has developed and produced quantities if digital label printing machines (used for personalized, small quantity- stickers), the device is ideal for tracking food safety, the bar code may change at any time, the device has special effects for regional sales supervision and personalized customizing, it also plays a protective role in tort.
      Guangzhou Shijing Dong Wai Machinery Factory will firmly keep its promise, as provide customers with mechanical equipments of "high quality, high efficiency, multi-functions, multi-species," it will meet the demand of customers, constantly supply them with cost-effective products and create more lucrative wealth for them.
Contents Of Products
一、Rotary automatic Self-Adhesive Labeling machine
  • TB04 Low-speed
  • Tb05 Hing-speed
  • B12(06)CD Rotary automatic
  • B12CD Rotary automatic
  • B18CE Rotary automatic
  • B24CE Rotary automatic
  • 二、Rotary automatic Wet Glue Labeling machine
  • TS01 Wet Glue label station
  • S12(06)CA Rotary automatic Wet Glue Labeling machine
  • S12CA Rotary automatic Wet Glue Labeling machine
  • S18CA Rotary automatic Wet Glue Labeling machine
  • S24CA Rotary automatic Wet Glue Labeling machine

  • 三、Rotary automatic Wide Label Labeling machine

    四、Rotary automatic Wet and Dry Label Labeling machine

    五、The Position Equipment for labeling
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